LPI - Global Education Services
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75015 Paris - FRANCE

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Areas of intervention

Lake Park International-Global Education Services is distinguished by the breadth of its activities, which include the following :

  • Consultancy in Higher Education strategy.
  • Management of change and organizational design for Higher Education and training institutions.
  • International development, setting up partnerships, accreditation processes, international student recruitment.
  • Design and development of academic and executive programmes.
  • Coordination of complex national and international projects.
  • Licensing of British networks to establish operations with local universities or institutional partners.


LPI-Global Education Services covers all disciplines and has worked, for example, in the fields of Management, Engineering, Law, Political Science and International Relations.

We can also advise highly specialized establishments such as in the field of Perfumery and Cosmetics or Gastronomy.


LPI-Global Education Services sees itself as a partner to its clients and provider of concrete solutions based on their concerns and the objectives they wish to achieve.

Contribution to the success of our clients is our major concern, through the mission entrusted to us.

Lake Park International-Global Education Services is undoubtedly one of the most UK-focussed consultancy organisations in France, with a significant volume of business there since its creation.


Our commitment to the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry reflects our willingness to be at the heart of the concerns French and British business markets.

In a time of Brexit uncertainties, LPI-Global Education Services is a key player consulted by European and British educational institutions on the new cooperation opportunities that may arise in the new context.