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As a Service Provider, the remuneration of Lake Park International-Global Education Services takes the form of fees subject to VAT under French regulations or the system of intra-community VAT.

Outside the Community framework, the fees are net of VAT.

Depending on the nature and duration of the assignment, the remuneration may take the form of a global package or be calculated according to a clearly defined number of days of intervention with the client over a given period.

In some cases, part of the remuneration may be based on the application of Success fees based on specific objectives defined in agreement with the Client.

As a general rule, Consulting fees do not include related expenses (travel, participation in activities on behalf of the client, etc.) inherent in the conduct of the mission and which are the subject of an additional billing.

The Offer of Services presented before acceptance by the Customer includes a very detailed financial framework allowing the Customer to know precisely the extent of their commitments.