LPI - Global Education Services
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75015 Paris - FRANCE

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The commitment of Lake Park International-Global Education Services rests on the strong values
​​that have shaped its image, operations and the scope of its activities since inception.

These values ​​constitute a true guarantee of quality which is essential given the close relationships
we forge with our customers who are above all, our partners.



To ensure quality services to our Clients through the expertise and skills of our Consultants.


To build a close partnership based on personal relationships with Clients,  in which the notion of confidence and interpersonal relations is essential.



To respond quickly and effectively to requests for intervention and to mobilize the necessary resources to meet the expectations of the Clients.



To guarantee our Clients total confidentiality in respect of any problems handled within the scope of the missions with which we are entrusted.

With these values ​​having contributed significantly to its reputation, LPI-Global Education Services has been able to forge long-standing and important relationships with institutions and individuals, and to strengthen our relationships with key executives throughout their professional careers.